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C2-MTL Open Forum: Gamification in Your Organization

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ImageThursday, May 24th, 2012, at C2-MTL, the Montreal Living Lab invited 30 participants to hold a one-hour Open Forum meeting demonstrating how this method could be used in organizations.

Thank you for having been so resilient in such a noisy environment! Through these pages, you will remember how inventive, creative, playful and thoughtful you have been!

(When you're done, click the menu tabs above to turn to the workshop description, agenda, session reports, photos and links.)

In better surroundings, we would have taken the time to invite participants to present their topics to the group before posting them on the board. Given the situation, we chose to skip this step.

First lesson

An Open Forum is a nest, a place for collaborative behavior and self-reliance. In this workshop, you took the challenge & transformed it in a full hour of exchange.

Remember that in your workplace: with the Open Forum approach, you are well equipped for almost any situation. It works and taps on people resourcefulness.

Second lesson

At C2-MTL conference on creativity and commerce, workshop settings are still to be refined. We all know that this is a first edition.

You may find yourself in a similar situation in your own organization. As hard as it looks to find a time & place for behavioral change and creativity, you have to make it happen.

Open Forum and Gamification are tools to get you started.


Next is a finding that we want to share with you:

Gamification in the workplace will go mainstream

Companies like Bunchball ( externe)) provide plug-and-play gamification for a variety of social platforms.

Imagine if leaderboards were placed around the company, ranking teams’ net promoter score with employees, customers, partners or suppliers. If you’re in the bottom half, you can easily pull up and review the game plan from the high performing teams. It’s already happening. Companies are beginning to understand the power to solve a variety of business problems by encouraging the right user behavior through the use of gamification principles.

Using games, contests, badges and rewards to motivate people to change their behavior is a great experience.

Let us know what you think and many thanks for your collaboration!


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