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MakeBusesMoreAttractiveToCommuters | Living Lab de Montréal

How do you make buses more attractive to suburban commuters?

Richard Beck

We spoke about the key elements of a bus service that will make commuters want to leave their cars:

  • comfort
  • travel time
  • ease

Note that not every commuter should be a target for transfer from car to bus. Some journeys are just too complicated! Understand that some parts of a journey are best done by car and others by public transport.

What should we do to make the bus more attractive:

  • Improve comfort of the bus.
  • Better communicate the value of the bus (what's in it for me): me time, work time, sleep time, tv time - can do a lot with mobile devices.
  • Make sure total travel times are reduced by:
    • increasing the number of express buses,
    • having short local loops at the end of each express line,
    • keep local loops short,
    • allow regional services to operate small loops on the island, for example, from TCV to Rue Sherbrooke,
    • ensure a high frequency of services.
  • Incentivize people to try public transport for a period of time so they can understand how much better it is than the car.


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