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Couverture médiatique | Living Lab de Montréal

Couverture médiatique



European Network of Living Labs - ENoLL (28 février 2017)

Interview with Living Lab expert Louise Guay on the future of work environment

Montreal Living Lab was founded in 2010 when the concept of Smart City was still bubbling up. In Montreal, sustainable mobility was one of our major issues. Studying large traffic attractors such as workplaces and universities, we put our focus on the future of work and the work spaces. Developing the Interspace Network as a way to bring work closer to where people live seemed the most impactful approach to provide sustainable mobility to Montreal.
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New Cities Foundation - Living lab de Montréal - Made in Montreal (14 février 2017)

How to Make Montréal A Magnet for Talent and Place to do Business - Roundtable #2

A city that is open for business is not necessarily built for today’s entrepreneurs, or geared towards productive innovation and disruption of the status quo. Moreover, roundtable discussions stressed that the city can’t expect startups to emerge in response to every technological need. Without support for new research and tools, and for the small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that contribute to innovation in the city, there will be saturation and fatigue in the entrepreneurship community.
Montréal, in particular, has long focused on large enterprises. This focus on “the usual suspects” is a common critique, as it has left limited space at the table for upstart companies. If the key to Montréal’s continued success and vibrancy is its creative talent, academic brainpower, and cultural capital, then there must be more openness and support from the city to create the conditions in which these different areas may flourish.
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